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Beauty and Durability That Lasts A Lifetime

Before you build or replace your redwood deck with Trex or more redwood, let us show you how you can have a beautiful everlasting deck of beautiful stone.

Efficiencies Over Wood or Composite

In most cases Raised Stone Decks are the same price as wood or composite decks. The Raised Stone Deck framing system offers efficiencies not found with wood or composite decks; including the ability to build longer spans, and extend cantilevers with steel columns and beams.

Everlasting Stone Finish

Our Raised Stone Deck materials are finished coated not to Rust, Split, Warp or rott. Overall Raised Stone Decks have an ever-lasting stone finish that is superior in quality which reduces costs over time.

Match Your Current Finish

Appearance is the most popular reason why consumers purchase Raised Stone Decks. You can choose from several hundred styles of stone to match your current finishes.

Many Different Stone Deck Options

Raised Stone Decks and stairs can be built to any design there are no limits to style or configuration. Any steel railing style or finish can be mounted.


Ease Of Construction

Can be constructed to any configuration with ease at no additional costs unlike wood or composite decks.

Simple Clean Up

Our product does not look like boards that have groves that trap dog hair and leafs which creates ongoing cleaning. Our product cleans with a hose or blower so there’s no more hours of power washing, staining, repair or the cost of replacement.

Superior To Wood Decks

Backyard dream and our proprietary 3D Wire special process provides the strength, durability and beauty only stone offers.

Before & After Gallery

Now you can have a beautiful stone deck for the same price as Trex or Redwood Deck.

About Us

How it Was Created

The Raised Stone Decks is the creation of Jerry Ponzo. Jerry, being in the steel industry as a Structural Steel Contractor, created this priority building method when he needed a privacy fence. The first product was Ivy Screen, a structural panel system to grow Ivy in a vertical position. Ivy Screen is used for privacy fencing and equipment enclosures.

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